Online community resources for preventing violence.

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Community Connections

There are many resources available online for community members, law enforcement, school personnel, public health and other professionals as they work together to create a more resilient, violent-resistant community. The links to publications and other internet resources are from government, educational institutions, or trusted organizations.

New resources will be added frequently so please check back often.


Preventing Targeted Violence Toolkit

A major deliverable for this project is a toolkit for use by public health departments for disrupting the pathway to violence. A printer-friendly version is available below.

Organization and Agency Websites

This list contains links to the project partner websites and to agencies/organizations whose mission includes disruption of targeted violence.
Each of these websites contains numerous other useful links and information related to the prevention of violence.

This project is funded by a grant to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency by the US Department of Homeland Security #EMW-2016-CA-00291

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